“China Baby” Update

I announced a couple months back that my wife is expecting again. Last time we went to the doctor, we didn’t receive much information just confirmation that she was with child. We were suppose to go to Beijing for our next appointment but plans changed. We were able to ask another American family living here about their experience (since they have had 4 kids in China) and visit the hospital and doctor they recommended.

Today’s appointment went much better than the last one. The equipment seems to be much more “up-to-date” (but that was about it). The doctor could speak some English and has worked with foreigners before.

My wife still wasn’t allowed to see the ultrasound but I was in the room and was able to see it. Since this is my wife’s third pregnancy, I knew what I was looking at. I could see the whole baby’s body, head, legs, hands, spine, see it squirming around and we heard the heartbeat real quick.

My wife is about 15 weeks along right now, which puts her due date around the end of January, which is also Chinese New Year and the coldest part of the winter!

As of now everything seems to be normal with the baby!

Thank you for your prayers and caring for our family!

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