Church Situation – Quick Update

Since Sunday we have been busy. There have been several different emotions that we all have been feeling this past week but all the leaders in the church have been faithful in their calling.

We no longer can use the daycare space that we rented every Sunday morning for services but the church also rents an apartment in the same housing estate (as the daycare) that it uses full time. It holds Wednesday night services at this location.

The church decided to move the Wednesday night service to Thursday night, just as a precaution since the police knew about this location (they also visited it on Sunday) and knew our service times.

Wednesday was the day of moving. There was another location about 5-10 minutes away that the church use to use for other services, language school and also it was used to host groups coming through the area. The rent on this place was up and we decided not to renew it. Therefore, we had to move all of the stuff from that location to the other location. It was interesting trying to fit all of the stuff from there plus all the chairs (150 plus) from the daycare into the apartment the church uses full time (trying to save space since we will be holding services there too).

Anyways, the police didn’t come on Wednesday night to see if we were having a service and the church members (who didn’t get the memo) that showed up were informed of the service change.

Thursday night came and we had our service (not even a week since the cops came and stopped our service). We knew we couldn’t just quit gathering together. Everyone decided to keep doing what we had always done, so that’s what we did. There were about 32 people that showed up and the preacher continued preaching the same message on the resurrection that he was preaching on Sunday when the police came and stopped him.

Please continue to pray. If the crowd is normal on Sunday then we will be full in the apartment location. This means plans are in the works about what the next step is.

God has been good to our family and to the His church here in China. Praise His name and may the Gospel go forth!

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