A text from the Police Officer

I received a text friday morning from one of the police officers that I met at the church on Sunday. Since we have to write down all our information they had my cell phone number and he said in his text that he needed to ask me something and for me to call him.

So of course I was nervous! I thought everything was past and there weren’t any problems. One of the guys just turned in our passports to the police station the day before, so I wasn’t sure if there was a problem or not.

When you get a text like that, and being in our situation, it is hard to concentrate on other things and stay focused. Fear isn’t something that is absent from our life, it is something that we have to constantly fight and keep thinking on the right things.

After we finished at the hospital, I gave him a call. He got right to the point and asked me “I have a friend whose son wants to learn English and he asked me if I knew any foreigners, so I thought of you and thought I would ask if wanted to teach him. He could pay you.” My immediate two thoughts were: Seriously! & Instant relief!

I turned down the nice offer but was relieved that he was offering me a job, which seems to mean I am no going any where for awhile. Hopefully!

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