What’s Next?

So what is next? We basically will keep doing what we always done. Locations and service times might be different, but we are going to keep doing ministry the same.

When talking to one of the cops, one of the preachers let him know that we are going to continue services but in a smaller place and that we weren’t sure of the exact time (since we were changing our schedule). After talking with him, he felt that the police wouldn’t return unless we made the neighbors mad and they called the police station.

Everything is really unknown and only time will tell what is going to happen. Here are three things that we are not going to do:

1) We are not going to stop. The church is going to keep meeting, keep preaching, keep evangelizing, keep discipling, and keep training men. I am going to keep learning Chinese and honestly, my week probably won’t look to much different than it did before.

2) We are not going extreme. We could take the opposite route of stopping and go extreme but we aren’t going to do that either. We aren’t going to get out the blow horn and take to the streets, drop tracts from the top of the skyscrapers, or any other crazy method of evangelism.

3) We are not going to let fear win! When situations like this happen, fear comes running. He starts to make you think you should stop doing this or that. Maybe we should check people ID’s at the door, have someone stand outside with a walkie talkie and watch for spies. Maybe we shouldn’t be so open and be content with a small Bible study that doesn’t bother anyone. Nope, we aren’t going to let fear win.

In all the decisions and thoughts that run through our head, many times we just have to ignore them and keep on doing what we were already doing and know is right. It is so tempting to change things and make bad decision based on fear.

Please continue to pray as we move forward!

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