September 2011 Prayer Letter

August 10th marked one year since we boarded the plane in Atlanta, GA to leave for China. We consider it a privilege that we get to serve as foreign missionaries. God has been so good to our family and we just want to see His name high and lifted up here in China. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers over the past year and we are excited about our partnership in the Lord and what HE is going to do in the coming months and years!

As we reported in our last prayer letter, the first Sunday morning in August we had a situation with the police in which they entered the location where the church was currently having services and stopped the preaching, stating that what was taking place was illegal. They had detained three of the preachers and one of the church members for questioning and then released them.

We ask for prayer that the church would move forward preaching the Gospel to the glory of God and that is exactly what they did. The church continued to have its midweek and Sunday services. It was encouraging to be a part of and see the church continue to serve in spite of persecution from the government.

Since then, the church has continued to grow. We no longer could use the location we were using for the Sunday morning service but have to use a smaller location that the church was already using for the midweek service.

Continue to pray as the church continues to boldly move forward. They are already talking about starting other churches and how they can reach more people with the Gospel.

Also, our co-laborers have returned from their short furlough and we are excited they are back. When they returned, two different groups from their sending church, which is also a supporter of ours, visited China for a short time. It was encouraging to be able to spend time with and help host them.

Other points to pray for this month are:

  • Language. We are in our 12 month of language school and have another 12 months to go before we complete our language training.
  • China Baby. My wife is about 20 weeks along and the baby should be due at the end of January.
  • Voice in the Villages. This ministry is in the beginning stages as we are having things translated. Pray that soon we will be getting things to production and start training.
  • Pray for laborers. We need men who will give their lives to live in unfavorable circumstance to take the Gospel to the largest nation on Earth.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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