The 3 Rules of China Missions

We learned three practical “rules” in the past year for doing missions in China. We learned these from our co-labourers as well as seen then constantly proving themselves to be true over time. Here are the 3 rules of China missions:

  1. don’t mock the party (communist party).
  2. don’t make the neighbors mad.
  3. don’t misuse the elevators (the locations above the 2/3 floor).

Quick explanations: 1) We aren’t here for political reason and you don’t gain any points for throwing the bad guys under the bus. 2) Smile, be nice, and maybe they won’t call the cops since you are having several dozen people in your home and annoying them by singing next door. 3) People don’t want to wait in line for an elevator, especially when it is at their home.

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