A China(er) Baby Update

The important stuff…

After our appoint on Thursday, the baby seems to be heathy and developing normally. Everything checked out normal and they didn’t see any reason for concern! Praise the Lord! We are excited about this little one joining our amazing journey here in China!

We didn’t get to find out the gender because of Chinese law. We were hoping that because we are foreigners that they would tell us, but they said they still couldn’t let us know because of the law. So as of now, we aren’t sure!

Thanks for Praying! (That was a quick update, if you want to read more details keep reading below!)

The nitty-gritty stuff…
On Thursday morning my wife and I took a trip to Beijing for her 20 week appointment the check on the baby. From what I understand this is the big appointment where they check all the organs and make sure that everything is developing normally. This also was that same appoint when we found out our news about Wesley last year. Like Wesley we didn’t know to much about the baby at this point. We knew a little more information as I was able to see the baby once on a ultrasound, but due to the way Chinese health care is run we didn’t know much more than, “yes, there is a baby.” So for this being an important appointment we decided to go to the hospital in Beijing that is more advance with their medical care and more “foreigner friendly.” Also, this is the hospital my wife will most likely deliver at.

Anyways, we weren’t to worried about this appointment, but whenever we think back to Wesley there is always a wave of emotions that arises. Nevertheless, we arrived in Beijing on Thursday morning spent some time around town, had lunch at TFGI Friday’s and then headed to our appoint in the afternoon.

The hospital is definitely a different experience than the hospitals in our city. It is where all the foreigners seem to go so everyone seemed to be able to speak English. The facilities remind you a lot of an American hospital. They do direct billing with our insurance company. The doctor we ended up seeing was an American. And there were a lot of white people there (more than we are use to seeing anyways).

The process was also a lot easier as they had a person assigned to us that told us everything we had to do. I asked the nurse during the ultrasound if it was a boy or girl and she told us she wasn’t allowed to tell us. But at the end she brought up a picture of the baby on the screen and with a smile said “I can’t tell you but you can look.” So we looked and tried to figure it out on our own. I think she was sincerely trying to help us out and I even asked them guessing, but they weren’t giving me very good hints they just had big smiles on their faces as we were trying to figure out this ultrasound picture on the screen.

I thought I had it figured out. Then as we were waiting in the lobby to see the doctor I decided to do a google search on my phone to see if other pics could help me out. After looking at a bunch of ultrasound pics online I thought it was the opposite of what I originally thought.

So now we are just confused, though I think I know. But who wants to announce an self diagnosed ultrasound picture. Have you ever seen one of those things and really understood it?

Then we saw the doctor, everything check out good with her also. We left got another bite to eat, headed back to the airport to head home Thursday night.

Long but good day!

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  1. jackie cheshire

    praise the lord everything looked good and it really doesn’t matter as long as the baby is healthy!!!!! god bless jackie newton baptist church.


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