October 2011 Prayer Letter

We continue month-by-month and day-by-day to see the goodness of God in our lives. It is exciting to be able to serve the Lord on the mission field. I want to start this letter off by simply saying, “thank you for giving to the Lord and partnering with our family to take the Gospel to China.” Your financial and prayer support are vital to this ministry. I also want to ask you to be a mobilizer for more laborers to take the Gospel to China in our generation.

China, being the largest country in the world, has millions who have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. There are many cultural gaps and the language is considered one the hardest in the world. China, for the most part, is an inexpensive place to live, the economy seems to be doing well, and the people are friendly and open. With all that being said, China is probably one of the largest unreached places in the world, not in percentage but in amount of people. Yes, there are Christians, churches, missionaries, and evangelist here, but the amount of people that live inside China’s borders is so great that there still are so many who just aren’t being reached with the Gospel.

The current city we live in has about the same population as the entire state of Georgia, but I can guarantee you that the spiritual makeup is completely different. An average person in our city might know the name of Jesus but doesn’t know why He came.

Christianity is growing in China but all of it is not healthy and much of it would follow under the the more loose, generic definition of the term “Christianity.” Christianity is easily accepted for it’s “blessings” and not for it’s “cross.” The government doesn’t mind Christianity as long as they can have their hand in it and are able to control it. The government church itself was formed to make Christianity fit into their form of government and control. Some who boldly step outside of their control are faced with persecution.

Religion is here in China. The cults are here in China. Tradition and superstition are still a strong part of their everyday lives, but what China lacks is the true preaching of the Word of God that causes repentance towards God and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It lacks men who are willing to train the next generation of pastors and missionaries in China.

China needs men. China doesn’t need another 007 English teacher or an American Christian Cafe, it needs men. It needs trained men with a Bible in their hand. Men to climb over the great wall of fear that paralyzes so many before they even get started. Men to charge and take on the giants in this land. Men that are willing to fight, live and die for the gospel sake; humble men that are fit for the Master’s use.

Will you be a mobilizer in your church? Will you look for young men and pray that God would use their lives and send them to China? Will you encourage them to come to China for six days, six weeks, or six months and let their eye affect their hearts? Will you help them financially get here? Or will you surrender and come yourself? Will you..?

Other points of pray and praise for this month are:

  • Language – I was able to preach a 20 minute message at the end of this month. Praise the Lord!
  • China Baby – our baby girl is healthy and is due on February 3rd.
  • Voice in the Villages – soon we will be getting things to production and start training.
  • Church – the church will be ordaining a Chinese pastor this month.
  • Short-termers – their is a short-term group visiting this month for about three weeks.

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

2 thoughts on “October 2011 Prayer Letter

  1. David Gates

    Praise the LORD! We are praying for laborers for you all and are glad language and ministry are pressing forward!! Keep giving God the Glory!!


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