China Baby is a Girl!

I know I am a little late with this blog post, but for all of those who didn’t get the memo we finally were able to find out that our little “China Baby” is going to be a girl. For all the details you need to read my wife’s recent blog post, which you can do by clicking here.

Here are a few excerpts from her post:

Last week, we made our big trip to Beijing for our 20 week scan. This scan was especially important to us having the history that we have. While in Beijing, we were able to have a great appointment (more info later!!!,) and we learned our baby is developing beautifully so far! Praise the Lord!


The next day, I returned to the hospital to see my regular doctor who happened to be in that day. I sat down in front of her and calmly said, “I went to Beijing and they did the anatomy scan; everything is perfect so far, but I want to know the gender!!”

She smiled and said “No problem!’

She then went on to explain that normally the doctors would be correct in saying “it’s impossible,” but since she’s the expert OB/ GYN at the hospital, she could definitely make it happen.


I’m still in shock that if the Lord continues to allow we will be bringing this baby home. I catch myself looking at baby things and not buying them…as if I can’t.…as if it’s all a dream.

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