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Last week my family had a Chinese family over to the house. This family has know our family for some time and they are not Christians. Actually, the man is a policeman. He is one of the police officers in our area that checks on us and makes sure we have the right paperwork etc. We started our friendship off at the police station shortly after we arrived because he could speak a little English and I could speak no Chinese at the time, but was eager to learn (I have mentioned him before in previous post).

Anyways, his family was coming to our house to visit our family for the Chinese holiday and give us a few gifts. So we in return was going to give them a little gift and bought some snacks to eat.

They have been over to our house and we have been to their house and we have talked loosely about Christianity before but I never have given him the Gospel directly. Rather, I wasn’t able to before with my Chinese ability, or there wasn’t an open door to share the Gospel. This time I was determined to share the Gospel with him. His family arrived and gave us some traditional Chinese foods, pictures and a CD of our time together at their house last time we were there. The mother and daughter started to play with my daughter as me and the officer sat down at the table to talk. After we talked about random things, he all the sudden said something like “we are communist and because we are communist we don’t need to use the Bible.” I saw this as an open door and quickly replied with, “well I feel the Bible can be useful to everyone because…” and dove straight into the Gospel. I tried to say it the best I could and in a couple different ways. He just sat there as if he was pondering what I was saying and shaking his head in understanding but then when I was finished he completely change the subject and starting talking about something non-related. My heart sunk. I was so wanting him to show some interest in this good news.

Then after a little while later we started talking about visas and such, since he also had to check our visas while he was over for a visit. He asked if the school had given me an official letter stating I was a student, but I couldn’t remember any such letter. He then went on to make the comment “it is good to have this letter because you have been in China a long time now, and people could think you are here doing illegal things like teaching and preaching the Bible in a church…” then my daughter runs into the room and interrupts the conversation. After she left he didn’t pursue that conversation any further. (This was a scary moment and I am not fully sure of his intentions by saying it.)

Then they left and I sent him home with the gift we bought for him, a copy of “The Pilgrim’s Progress” in Chinese (since he rejected a Bible last time) and he said he would read it very carefully. As they were leaving he told me if I have any trouble with my car, to give him a call.

I tell you this story, because I want to ask you to start praying for this Officer, his wife and daughter. Pray that God would soften their heart, humble them, let them understand the Gospel, and that they would receive the grace of God. Pray for God to intervene and do what only He can do, save sinners!

4 thoughts on “Pray For this Family

  1. Lou

    Bro. Mark, it sounds like he is truly your friend. You have shared your heart with him. He knows full well what you are doing and why you are there. My best guess is that you should get the letter your friend suggested.

    It seems to me that he is probably torn. His whole way of life is on the line. If he follows Jesus, then everything else must change to reflect his new belief. We will pray he accepts Christ as his Savior.

    And we will continue to keep you and yours in our prayers. May God continue to bless you!

  2. Jamie Peabody

    Bro. Mark –
    I will be praying that you can reach this family with the Gospel and that the Lord will continue to protect your family and the others in China. Thank you for your updates! Love you Brother!


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