First Ordination Service

This past Wednesday was a very special day in our lives and ministry here in China. I was able to participate in the ordination of a Chinese pastor! We are privilege to be working in a ministry that has a heart to train men and see them sent out to do the work of the ministry. My co-labourer has been training this man for several years now and it was a very exciting thing as we were witnessing prayers being answered before our eyes. “This is the reason that we came here!” I told my co-labourer on Wednesday afternoon as we were getting things prepared. Although my family has only been here a year, it was an honor to be able to preach a quick charge, lay hands on and pray for this Chinese pastor as he has truly given up all to be in the ministry.

Also, read the post that my co-labourer wrote the day after the ordination.

1 thought on “First Ordination Service

  1. Chad Gordon

    Amen!! What a blessing to see what God is doing in China. I love that statement almost at the end of the blog… “You always produce more of what you honor and exalt.” Praying God will continue to do a great work!


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