Prayers at Work!

My family and I spent about 5 hours at the police station yesterday trying to get the paperwork that we needed for our new visas. It was an interesting and long 5 hours. It is always good to have my daughter with us since she melts everyones hearts and makes everyone smile. The computer system wasn’t working right and that was the main reason for us being there so long. Anyways, we finally left with the paperwork that we need and will be applying for our visa renewal very soon.

I also wanted to report that your prayers are at work! At the police station yesterday, the man who I ask prayer for in a previous post was on duty. Of course we met him when we first arrived and after awhile he made a comment to me about the book that I gave him, “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” He said that he started reading it and realized it was a book about religion and about Christ. He then looked at me and chose his words careful and said something like, “it’s very interesting, I could almost believe it.” I truly was in shock. I wasn’t prepared for what he was going to say a little later.

As we were still waiting, he made another comment to me about the Bible I wanted to give him. He asked me if I bought it in America, and I said “No, China.” Then he asked if it was English and Chinese and I told him that it was. He then thought again for a minute and said that he would now like to receive that Bible. He mentioned it a few times while I was there and said he would come to my house and get it sometime!

Wow! This is a huge change in direction from where I thought this was heading. Continue to pray that the Lord does a work in his life! In his situation the pressure to not be a Christian is great, but we know the Lord is greater!

Pray for this man’s salvation!

There was also a college student who recently received Christ after coming to church for awhile and talking with several of us about the Gospel! Praise the Lord!

6 thoughts on “Prayers at Work!

  1. Lou

    Bro. Mark, I believe God is going to reward your faithfulness in this. This man and his family have much to lose if they accept Christ. But MUCH more to gain! We will continue praying that he receives the full gift he has been offered. May God bless you, your family, and the work there.

  2. Meagan Sullivan

    Praise the Lord! That was encouraging to read, and I’m so proud of yall’s faithfulness! Miss you guys!

  3. Tom

    This policeman story only keeps getting better. Who knows, it may be the story that makes it into a book one day! It’s an encouragement to me to offer more Bibles.



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