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2. We get used to getting. Missionaries get. Some get a lot, and some get a little. But no matter what it is, over a period of time we get used to this getting and can easily take it for granted. We don’t see the sacrifice others make to give, so that we can have an income and so that we can have money to invest in the ministry. Offerings and specials gifts off all sizes become common place in the our lives and we just get used to it. We end up being more disappointed than surprised when we open the envelope or look at our support statements. We act as if we are on welfare and complain about the head not doings its job properly. We get used to getting and stop giving thanks.

This post isn’t about being rich or poor; living in a small or big house. It is about not being thankful in the situation that we find ourselves (when we truly have so much to be thankful for).

This subject hurts me to write because how many times have I been unthankful. It also hurts to write because missionaries should be leading the way and examples to those around us and many times we are found whining in the corner.

Missionaries, please keep a humble heart and attitude. Please keep a tender heart of thankfulness. Know that you are undeserving and it is just a privilege to be able to take the gospel to a foreign land. May we quite focusing on ourselves and our situations and look unto the needs of others through the glasses of compassion. Let us have huge hearts of thankfulness and express our thanks at any given moment, for we have much to be thankful for.

Die to self, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.

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