Eating Dog.

People always make jokes about “eating dog in China”, but I had never eaten any since I have been here…until recently. It would seem that there are mixed feelings about it here; some people don’t care for it at all and others like it.

Anyways, not too long ago, some other foreigners were in town and wanted to know about eating dog in China. So that day we decided to try it. We walk to a close Korea restaurant that was known for selling dog. I can handle most food things pretty well, but this one did take me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting to see several parts of the dog chopped up, cooked and sitting on different platters for your choosing. I think all of us lost our appetite really quick.

We still decided to try some and ordered the dog ribs and soup. They served it and it was…Hhm…mm… like really bad fatty turkey. The soup was kinda had the same flavor thankfully without much sight of dog meat.

I don’t think I will be eating dog again for awhile! If you are interested in eating something “weird” when you visit China, stick with the silk worms, they are yummy :).

2 thoughts on “Eating Dog.

  1. Mike Slusher

    Bro. Mark, Thanks for the blog “Eating Dog.” It gave me a laugh. One of my friends at church likes joking with our Filipino missionary friends about such, even though we only know of one that claims to have done so. I’ll have to print your blog, so he can get a laugh too. Thanks again.


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