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In the winter our air quality quickly decreases. The “heat” in our city is controlled by the government, so there is a set time when they turn it on and off (no matter what the temperature is outside). The heat is generated by burning coal, as you can see by the evidence of huge piles of coal around the city and the smoke that fills the air.

When they first started to turn on the heat, it wasn’t too cold outside yet and the smoke filled the city. The haze of the smoke just lingered around the city for a few days. You would come in from outside and smell like smoke.

It has cleared up now and some days are smokier than others, but if you visit our city in the winter, you will experience the smell of burning coal in the air.

It isn’t the best for your health, we are aware of that. But there are millions who need the Gospel living in this smoky city. Will we not willingly risk our health to reach others with the Gospel. Are you willing to live your life in unfavorable conditions that others may be reached with the Gospel?

4 thoughts on “Air Quality

  1. Sherrill Campbell

    Shirley and I are praying for God’s blessings on you and family, for your language study and for the police officer’s salvation!

  2. Lou

    When we were in Xian in Nov 2006, the air quality was horrible! Due to asthma, I had to wear a filter mask whenever we went outside. We also noticed that many businesses washed the front of their buildings down on an almost daily basis.

    As for the heat (or lack of heat), our friends lived in TianJin for several years. The lack of heat was something she frequently mentioned. We did not experience that in the hotel. It seems hotels are exempt from that particular control. However, our driver disconnected the heat to the passenger area of the van. This meant we sometimes had frost on the inside of the van windows. Not at all comfortable.

    We will include these specific items in our prayers for you and your family. We appreciate what you are doing and we realize that thru this work, out childrens’ original families may come to know Christ. Thank you.

    1. Mark (China Ramblings!) Post author

      Thanks for the comment Lou. It seems each building complex’s heating system is different. Some places have great heat and others don’t work so great. You can always buy a heater if it is cold or open the windows if it is too hot. Frost inside of buses and taxis is a pretty common things as well. Thanks for your prayers!


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