China Baby Update

We had another appoint at the doctor this past week and it seems our little girl is growing to be a healthy little baby girl. There was one area of concern that I will mention, so you can know how to pray, and that is the cord is around the baby’s neck one time.

After discussing it with the doctor and looking it up online, it seems to be a fairly common thing for this to happen (somewhere around 1 out of 3) and many don’t have any complications. But since there is a chance (somewhere around 1 out of 1,000) that there could be complications from the cord wrapping two or three times around the baby’s neck and/or becomes too tight. On the other hand, the cord could also unwrap from the baby’s neck.

There is nothing to do about the situation as there isn’t any complications at the moment. We are to just keep note of the baby and make sure there isn’t any irregulars movements. Also, we will get an ultrasound each week to make sure everything is okay (they are extremely cheap here).

Finally, it seems that we will be delivering the baby in a different city at the beginning of next year. We will be going there about three weeks before the baby is due and live there for about a month or so. We are making preparations now for this time and looking forward to seeing our healthy little China baby sometime in January/February!

2 thoughts on “China Baby Update

  1. Lou

    Praying for Dear Skyla’s cord to unwrap from around her neck. Praying that she grows properly and that our Heavenly Father will watch over her and her Momma. Also praying for Big sister and Dad. I suspect she will be such a happy addition to your family!


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