Language Evaluation| Month 13

1) Grammar. Our understanding of grammar is moving along as we get into more complex sentences and structures. I would say my understanding of a grammar pattern is futher along than being able to use each patter fluently. We are still drilling away in language school!

2) Reading. I have already finished a couple books in pinyin and will finished my third book within the next month. Each book I have seen my “reading with understanding” increase. I am currently still reading about six hours a week with a teacher.

3) Bible Reading. Reading the Bible almost every morning has really increased my reading speed. I was able to find a good medium for me, about 25 verses a day, as I am currently reading through the New Testament.

4) Characters. I started this month with learning characters. My plan is to add characters into my learning process. Every week I want to learn about 50 characters, or 10 a day Monday-Friday; writing each one ten times to learn the strokes, drilling with flashcards to remember the character and study the word and its meaning to make sure I have a good grasp on it.

5) Preaching. I had the privilege to preach a quick charge to one of the Chinese preacher’s at his ordination. Next month I will be back on schedule to add five minutes, Lord willing.

5 thoughts on “Language Evaluation| Month 13

  1. jacques

    Hey Mark!

    Hope you and your family are doing well.

    If you want to learn how to write the characters (and remember how to after a week or two) be sure to schedule time to review… and review… and review…

    We have found it is very easy to forget how to write them after just a week or so, even if you are reading them occasionally. Despite the time it will take, knowing how to read Chinese characters has proven incredibly useful. Also, I find it improves reading comprehension as pinyin is a lot less specific than a character. Sometimes, if I am unfamiliar with a word pair, seeing the characters will clear my understanding.

    I really don’t know how many characters we have learned yet but at least over 1500. With that 1500 though, I have found lately that we are able to understand most of the content of the Gospel of John.

    Keep at it! 加油!

  2. tom hatley

    God Bless you Bro. Mark. I admire your efforts and I am glad you are doing well. That is exciting about you preaching a short charge to the guys. What a blessing. I pray everyday for you in language school.


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