Language Evaluation | Month 14

1) Preaching. I was excited to be able to end November preaching in Chinese. I was able to meet the 5 minutes extra goal and preach for about 28 minutes! There is still a lot of preparation going into each sermon, writing it out completely before I preach and going over it with one of the Chinese pastors to make sure everything is correct.

2) Reading. I was able to finish my third book and start my fourth. The book I am currently reading is about a 6th grade level and it is considerable harder as there are tons of new words that I have not learned yet.

3) Characters. I started off strong but something went wrong in trying to add this into my already busy schedule. I am still working out the kinks of adding this part of the learning into my schedule and getting back on track.

4) Tones and Pronunciation. Even with our intense drilling on tones and pronunciation, I am finding certain combinations and words that somehow I have a hard time saying correctly (it is easier to say them wrong actually) and need to work to overcome those bad habits.

5) Stress. Language school/learning equals stress. After you have been studying the language for a year and you are still having people correct you, it can be stressful. I was definitely feeling this stress this month.

Thanks for your continues prayers!

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