A Scary Cold Early Morning (2 of 2)

Continued from: A Scary Cold Early Morning (1 of 2) 

By this time our friends are starting to arrive and they take care of our daughter and help us with translation.

After the ultrasound, we get the report and take it back to the doctor who looks at it and notifies us there is nothing wrong with the baby and my wife isn’t in labor (but she still is in agonizing pain). She orders another ultrasound. Eventually she decides to admit her into the hospital, so I had to run back down get money out of the ATM again, pay the admission fee on the other side of the hospital as our friend helped my wife make her way to the other side of the hospital as well.

They showed us her room, a room with 7-8 beds and all the beds were full, but they were going to make someone get up so she could have a place. “All the other rooms are full”, they said. My wife was in too much pain to lay down anyways, so we opted out of the room (laying made the pain worse).

The doctor’s refused to give her any pain medicine saying if they didn’t know where the pain was, they could find the problem. Several doctors and nurses came, asked the same basic questions, gave their opinion, and walked away mystified. They ordered more test and finally took her blood. The doctor that she normally sees, was called and she came in. After some discussion with her, she agreed to give my wife pain medicine if we signed a waver releasing the hospital from liability if they couldn’t find the problem because of the medicine. As the pain medicine started to take effect and they did more test, they finally found the problem, an infected gallbladder.

After receiving some advise from the doctors here and the States, we decided it would be best to go head and go to Beijing in case she needed to have surgery. We were already scheduled to fly there the following Friday so we had the tickets moved to that afternoon. They started her on medication, gave her some pain medicine and then we left to pick our things and head to the airport.

(Once we knew we should go to Beijing we were worried because we didn’t have our passports to fly, since they were at the visa office. I called and thankfully, they were done and ready to be picked up!)

Once we arrived in Beijing, we took a taxi straight to the ER and they admitted my wife, having all the paperwork and test from the other hospital. They decided to try and fight the infection and do the surgery after the baby is born (so the surgery doesn’t cause any complications with the baby). After a few days (and 46 hours of no eating or drinking) she was finally released. She is doing fine now and we are waiting the delivery of our new little girl (around Feb. 3)! The doctor recommend to have the surgery sometime after the baby is born but before we return home.

It was an eventful several days, and we are thankful for all those that prayed for and cared for our family. We are thankful for to the Lord for taking care and watching over us.

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