Meeting Christians and a Local Church

This past Wednesday we participated in a prayer meeting of a house church here in the city. This church was started by another missionary family that has lived here for several years and we are excited to be involved with this church family during our stay here.

On Thursday, I received a text saying that some of the members of the church wanted to help my wife by picking us up for church on Sunday morning. So this morning, two of the church members picked us up at our apartment and drove us to church. On the way to church, we would come to a stop light and a beggar would be walking to each car asking for money. I watched as he came over to our car and the man driving rolled down the window handed him some money, a gospel tract, and told him “Jesus Loves You!” This is something I have done in our city many times and I was excited to see them reaching out in a small way, without fear, as someone came by in need.

We had a great Sunday morning service (with a good attendance), then Sunday School, and ended with us all eating together.

When we finished our meal, a gentlemen offered to drive us home. On the way back, I asked him many question about Beijing and Christianity (since he was originally from here). Here are a few interesting points from our conversation:

  • He was saved and baptized in a government church, but since then has distanced him self from it seeing many doctrinal errors.
  • From the time that he heard about Jesus in college till the time that he believed, was about eight years, because of pride and not thinking he was in need of a Savior.
  • He would guess that about 50% of the people in the city have heard of Jesus but don’t know what He did or why He came.
  • There are many house churches in the city; too many to count and really know the exact number.
  • Also, he would estimate that a low number of the people in the government churches are truly born again (if a house church is 80/20 then a government church might be 20/80).

I am looking forward to meeting more Christians and other local churches in this city!

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