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Weekly Mind Dump: Renovations

✪ It has been a busy week! The new commercial space we rented needed some fixing up to do, nearly spent the entire week, morning-to-night, working to fix the place up. All the major projects are done, and we are excited about using this as a means to assemble as a church.

✪ I think one of the mistakes I might have made is starting out too cheap or at least staying too cheap. So we are going to try a different route by making things nicer and more family friendly. So our new building reflects those changes.

✪ Of course, with a new building that needs work done, comes with a financial cost. If you are interested in knowing what these costs are and are willing and able to help, please let me know.

✪ If you somehow missed the latest update with our new direction, you can read that post here: At a Crossroads – Direction Known

✪ We are still raising funds to help the church as it grows: $4,800 – First Year’s Rent at $400 a month (Can you give one month’s rent?); $308 – 44 Extra Chairs at $7 each (Can you purchase some chairs?); $150 – Nursery/Kids Tables, Chairs, Furnishings (Can you give?); $1,100 for the house church who had their offerings confiscated.

✪ We are thankful for a new church who financially partnered with us. We are in need of more support if you know of a church who would be interested in supporting a church-planter in mainland China, please pass along our information.

EasySlides – This is Worship Projection software that is free and for those working in China, it includes the Chinese Bible and over 1,000 Chinese song lyrics! Now they just need to make a mac version.

✪ I met with an Australian pastor of an international church here in the city yesterday. They have foreigners and Chinese both attending their church. They are about an hour away from where we are. It was encouraging to see God doing a work there!

✪ Our church has taken many bold steps forward, pray for God’s continued blessings! We are excited about what He is going to do!

✪ Hopefully, I will be able to give more of an update when things slow down here. God bless!

Weekly Mind Dump: Beijing & More!

✪ We had a good visit in Beijing over the weekend. We needed to get out-of-town and make three doctor’s appointments, so everything lined up right. We were able to get all of our doctor’s appointments in on Monday.

✪ The amount of foreigners in Beijing is amazing when you aren’t use to seeing many foreigners. We ate at a few restaurants where it seemed the majority of the people there were foreigners. We were in a Mexican restaurant and this Chinese family walked in and the little Chinese kid said, “Look, everyone here is a foreigner!”

✪ We visited Zion Church in Beijing. This is a “house church” in the sense that it is not a registered three-self church, but they seem to have many freedoms that other churches don’t have. They rent the third floor of a building and have an auditorium that can seat 500 people with tons of class rooms, children’s classes, and a book/coffee shop. Everything is first class. The had an equal amount of men and woman who were young to middle-aged. There church seems to be the exception instead of the rule, but we are excited about the freedom that they have.

✪ I was able to meet with a new missionary family in Beijing. We enjoy being over there house and discussing ministry in China. He grew up as an MK in China had many great insights. He gave me some great ideas that, Lord willing, we would like to incorporate into our outreach in the future.

✪ Police Update: The police didn’t come to any of our services over the weekend. On Saturday, some from our church went to the police station to try to explain our situation, letting them know that we believe in “orthodox christianity” and are not a cult or a political party. The meeting seemed to go okay, though they did ask for extra information about me. At the end of the meetings, our guy asked if they could continue to have services and study and they said yes!

✪ Our pastor turned his blog into a joint blog where many missionaries and pastors are writing articles to help train others for world evangelism. There have been some great articles written and many people getting involved in the comments. If you are interested in learning more about missions then this is a great blog to subscribe to: www.worldevangelism.net

✪ I am writing this from the speed train. I am using the 3G from my phone to get on the internet. Since we are going through cities and the country side the signal comes and goes. The trip is about 6 hours from Beijing to Dalian. The cost one way is RMB 261 or $43.00

✪ The speed trains are nice because it is like taking a plane, but without all the security and rules. When you get to the train station you only go through one scanner. Then you find your boarding deck and wait until boarding time. Once you arrive at the train station until you get to your gate is maybe 10 minutes. Once it is time to board you carry your luggage on and store it. The seating is just like a plane (smaller seats than an American plane), but they don’t have seat belts. You can get up when you want. They have food and snacks for purchase. You can buy meals. You don’t have to turn any of you electronics off or put your seat or tray up. You can carry on food and drinks from outside the station. The one downside is, you can only take with you what you can carry, so pack light!

✪ Our teammates have landed in Taiwan and are getting their house and lives setup there. There is also a family interning with them that is already there. Over the next couple months there is another missionary family moving there and another internship family moving there. Pray as everyone gets settled in, they find out where to start a church and that God will bless their ministry.

✪ Next year we are planning to have an intern and a missionary family move to the mainland, Lord willing. Pray for our Project China team as it continues to grow and spread out, reaching more Chinese with the gospel of Jesus Christ! We had one Project China family recently leave our Project China team because they changed mission fields, but we are excited about those who are interning with the interest to work with Project China long-term.

Foreigners Are a Problem! (2 of 2)

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Foreign Christians can’t just expect the national Christians to evangelize on their own time. If a national Christian isn’t as excited about reaching his own people with the gospel as a foreigner is, that doesn’t mean the national knows best, it means move out-of-the-way and let the foreigner do the work.

Of course a national can do a great job, just as good or better than the foreigner but that isn’t the problem.

Christians in American and nationals of their own country need to get a heart for not just reaching “their people,” but to reach the world. The goal isn’t to “stay local” but to “go global.” Foreign or national, we are joining together for the great commission.

We are to teach the Chinese people, “Here is the Gospel, reach your people and in the sane way we come as a foreigner into your country, go as a foreigner into another country carrying the Gospel.”

The spreading of the Gospel will take foreigner involvement. This is not new to the Bible. In the Bible we see two main people groups, Jews and Gentiles. The Jews had to cross the boundaries of the Gentiles. Different cultures and language gaps were crossed and God did a work.

Foreigners are a problem. We don’t do things like everyone else around us. But we need to have the right mindset and not just sit on the sidelines. We need to pray that God will allow us to learn the language and penetrate the culture with the Gospel. I think we can see God do great things. We need to be willing to spend and be spent; to be willing to train those we win instead of winning and leaving. We need to teach them in all things.

I agree, we are a problem, but who else is going to do it?

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Foreigners Are a Problem! (1 of 2)

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In the area of missions there are always problems between nationals and foreigners. Foreigners meaning one who has left his home and lives in another culture and nationals just meaning the people who are native to the place the foreign now resides. You can divide “culture” into many small details but basically you have the major divide in country and language. For example, an American living in China.

These posts are not trying to deal with the problems than can arise from the foreigner-national relationship in the area of missions, but to discuss a certain mindset that foreigners are a problem, therefore the means of foreigner involvement should be extremely limited!

I agree that foreigners are a problem, and I said on deputation that the biggest hindrance to missions in China is me, a foreigner. I have come to China to work myself, eventually, out of a job. Lord willing, I can see many national pastors raised up in the lifetime that the Lord gives me.

In China foreigners are a problem and always have been. The Chinese government doesn’t like foreigners. The government church is called the “three-self church” because they want to be self-supporting, self-propagating, and self-governing. Sounds familiar, right? I am all for that philosophy. But they also don’t want you to evangelize outside of the church and don’t want children to attend their services. That is a problem for me.

Some would suggest that we “foreigners” need to get “out-of-the-way” and just let the national Chinese Christians lead and reach their own people and we can just sit back and support them with Bibles and money. This is a problem for me.

There are millions in China who don’t know the Jesus I know. Millions who are still unreached. This is a problem for me.

We, foreigners, may be a problem but…

…this isn’t just their fight.
…this isn’t something that doesn’t involve foreign Christians.
…this isn’t a “Chinese church” task.

…we have a responsibility to obey the Bible and take the Gospel to all, including China, even if other Chinese Christians don’t want our help. They can do their own thing, but we must be obedient to the call, the blood of their people isn’t just on their hands, it’s on ours too.

I know the truth, I can’t stand by on the sidelines.

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