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Weekly Mind Dump: Thankful

✪ During our time in Taiwan we were able to meet with ministers working in 6 different countries. According to the CIA Factbook, here is how “Christian” each country is: China 5.1% Christian | Taiwan 4.5% Christian | India 2.3% Christian | Thailand 1.2% Christian | United Kingdom 59.5% Christian | United States 51.3% Protestant Christian. These percentages include the following groupings: Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Orthodox Christianity, Protestant Christianity. [1]

✪ Chinese Bible Distribution: THANK YOU! Because many of you gave to help us buy Bibles, we were able to spend all the money and buy Bibles in Dalian, Harbin, and Gaoxiong! We emptied out the account this week. If you are interested in helping us buy Bibles in China and Taiwan to reach the Chinese, you can send funds to our Chinese Bible Distribution Fund. 100% of the funds will be used to buy Bibles! No middle man fee! A Chinese pastor asked me to tell those who gave, “Thank you!”

✪ We had a great Thanksgiving service on Sunday. Everyone brought a little something to eat and then after the main service we enjoyed a meal together and then had an afternoon testimony service.

✪ Church Update: During the organization service the church officially voted me in as their pastor. I will be their temporary pastor until the Lord raises up a Chinese man to pastor the church. Please pray with us towards this end.

✪ We had more given towards the different needs that we have! Thank you so much for your generosity!

✪ We have many new ideas for outreach in the city, but we are limited on manpower. Pray that more labourers will come and help us reach this city of millions with the gospel!

✪ We are working on organizing and laying the foundation for our “Bible College”, Dalian Baptist Seminary. We would like to start the first classes sometimes at the beginning of next year. Please pray with us about this!

One of the young men who was recently here on a short-term trip is coming back in the spring of next year for a six-month internship. Pray for him and give to help him come if you can!

✪ I am thankful for my wonderful family and wife. My wife does so much that goes unnoticed, and I am not the best at always thanking her for all that she does. Thank you, my love, I couldn’t do what I do without you!

✪ Thank you Lord Jesus for your many blessings and allowing me to partake in your amazing grace!

Revisiting “On the Edge”

After I had surrendered to go to China as a missionary, I was taught that one of the ways to reach China was to live in a neighboring country. Our original name for our team strategy wasn’t “Project China,” but “On the Edge”. With recent events, I decided to revisit our original strategy. Here is how we defined ourselves:

What is On the Edge?

– On the Edge is a passion… for the millions living in Communist or former-Soviet nations.
– On the Edge is a team… committed to do whatever it takes to reach them.
– On the Edge is a strategy… to make an impact in China by training leaders outside of China.

Below is a basic summary of some of our ideas:

1. To plant vibrant, missions-hearted churches in _________?

The first stage of the plan involves building a stronghold outside of China from which we can export prepared Chinese laborers.

2. To disciple young men to become passionate leaders.

…Chinese students who are planning to return to their homeland after completing their education. What do you think would happen if these students could be reached for Christ and trained to do the work of the ministry? What if they could be prepared to make an impact when they return to their homes in China? This is the second stage, the very heart of our plan.

Please pray for our training center, which will be the center of all our operations on the border. Pray that God will fill it with students set apart to glorify His name. Pray that He will energize and equip them for His work. And pray that He will help them to make a difference when they return to China with the Gospel.

3. To conduct leaders safely into China.

Importation of trained leaders is the key to reaching China with the Gospel. As we train converts outside China’s borders to be leaders of leaders, we must support them as they return home to preach their Gospel to their own people. The Chinese that are trained for the ministry create much better channels for the Lord to work as they perfectly look, speak, and act Chinese. They will be able to work in underground situations much more secretively than foreign missionaries.

4. To develop means to transport new students to _________?

The greatest strategic challenge that we face is that of getting Chinese converts from mainland China to our training center in _________.

5. To involve American students in the world-plan of God.

God wants to raise from the forces of our churches a capable army mobilized to carry the Gospel to the lost of this world. We want to give every Christian the opportunity to make a personal impact in China.

If you have been burdened for the Chinese people and have been looking for an outlet of service, then I invite you to pray with us for the ministry to the border of _________ and China. We have some great dreams! Come and dream with us!  

Originally, the blank was filled in with Russia, but in today’s world, Russia is not ideal, and it would seem Taiwan would be the best option available. (I think at the time of the original strategy, there was no direct flights from China to Taiwan, but now there is.)

Our original ideas was preparing Chinese pastors out of the country:

Many missionaries are beginning to search for more strategic and effective methods for ministry in China. For On the Edge, this means building an exterior training center to prepare Chinese pastors.

I think there is a lot of truth in the original plan, especially when it comes to being able to “setup a base” to work from. There is a great loss in stability working only in the mainland. I think our original strategy, and what we have learned since then, will lead us into an even more effective strategy.

As we are working these things out and finding your role in all this, one things remains to be true:

Until we have young men and young women of God who are willing to do anything necessary to see God’s name glorified, there will be no city-taking. Until there is a generation willing to suffer, willing to bleed, and willing to die for the glory of God, there will be no conquering of the land God has promised us. We may watch walls fall and doors open, but it is our hearts that determine whether or not the cities of this world will be taken.

All quotes taken from “On the Edge: A Strategy for China in Our Generation”