China Pastor’s Fund | A Different Approach

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need to raise monthly support for the China Pastor’s Fund. The Lord has already provided some of what we need for this initiative. Will you read below and consider giving directly to help the ministry in mainland China? Currently, many missionaries can’t enter China, but we can help the Chinese pastors who have boots on the ground to further the gospel in China by giving and praying!


$2,125 of $3,000 Goal!


What is the China Pastor’s Fund? The China pastor’s fund is an opportunity to directly support Chinese pastors (or pastors in training) by helping them rent a building for their church location. This allows the local church pastor in China to have a rent-free location as if they had a paid-for building. Our goal is to help these pastors be successful in their church-planting endeavors.

How will this help? If you were going to teach someone to fish, would you buy him fish or would you buy him a fishing pole? Of course, you would buy him a fishing pole and then teach him how to use it. Once he learns how to use it, he can catch fish and feed himself and more.

In this illustration, the church building is the fishing pole, and with continued training, we pray they will be able to gather a group of believers who consistently gather together in one place for the common purpose of carrying out the will and work of God and to grow in the grace and knowledge of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What is the goal of this fund? Our main goal for this fund is to help these pastors by paying the rent of there church building locations so that they can establish churches and have a full-time salary that comes from the local congregation. Over time, as the church grows and matures, the goal would be to have the local congregation not only support their pastor fulltime but also pay for their own rent/church building. With the current situation in China, we know this could be a long way off, thus we want to be a bridge of help and hope. Also, a secondary goal is to help these pastors with any other church planting expenses that might be needed.

Why is this fund needed? China is a communist country. Pastoring in China is especially hard because of persecution against the church from the State. The churches themselves are illegal. These pastors are serving in underground church capacities which makes it hard for these local churches to fully support their pastor, rent a building, and pay their other bills on a consistent basis. This is where the China Pastor’s Fund can be a help and encouragement to these men of God and their families as they serve on the frontlines in their home country.

Who are these Chinese Pastors? This fund supports Chinese pastors (or pastors in training) who are being influenced and trained by missionaries with Vision Baptist Missions. Each of these Chinese men are part of our China Pastoral team; planting Baptist churches; participate in our training classes (currently online); are tithing in their local churches.

Currently, we are helping three pastors in two different cities in mainland China. Help us reach our goal so we can fully fund their needs.

Things to know about your giving:

  • 100% of your financial gifts are used for the ministry in China. Vision Baptist Missions nor the missionaries use any of the financial gifts given to this fund for any other reason that helping pastors in mainland China.
  • 100% of your financial gifts are tax-deductible if given through Vision Baptist Missions.
  • Your giving helps alleviate the financial stress of being a pastor in Communist China.
  • Your giving encourages those who have faced or will possibly face persecution.

Will you get involved? If so, contact me!

Give Online to the China Pastor’s Fund

Or send all donations to Vision Baptist Missions, PO Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009 with a note in the memo: “China Pastors Fund”.