China Missionary Helps

Moving To China Helps

✪ Needed Documents Checklist – This page is a checklist of the documents that you need to bring with you when you are planning to move to China long-term.

✪ First 10-Days Checklist – This page is a checklist of what someone can expect to do during their first ten days of setting up if they are moving to China long-term.

✪ New Cultural Understandings – This page helps explain some of the immediate cultural differences that a person moving to China needs to know.

✪ The China List – This is “the list” of items that are available and not available to reference for a full-time missionary getting ready to move to China. Put together by my wife.

Reading Recommendations and Books

✪ My Recommended Readings for China – A list of books that I have enjoyed reading about China and China missions that will be a blessing to you.

✪ Chinese Books In The Mainland – A list of English books that have been translated into Chinese with the Chinese titles.

Language Resources

✪ Language School Handbook – We have partnered with our home church to help new missionaries learn the language and ministry in China.

✪ Bible Memorization (Chinese, Pinyin, English) – Bible memorization is a great way to learn the Bible and a language.

China Trip Information

China Trip Info Packet – This page has all the information needed to take a short-term or long-term missions trip to China.