Our Field

Where are we missionaries to? That is a wonderful question! Over the years, our location has changed. We have lived and served full-time in both mainland China and on the island of Taiwan. And even though our location and responsibilities have changed over the years, our focus has been the same: make disciples, plant churches, train leaders.

Currently, we live in Taiwan and do ministry here on a daily basis, but also we make planned trips into mainland China for leadership training (after spending 8 years of ministry there), and as a field director for Vision Baptist Missions, we travel to Asia to serve the missionaries that work with our mission.

Below is just a snapshot at the different fields we get to work in:

Taiwan (3-4% Christian)

  • Population: 23.78 million (2018)
  • Area: 13,976 sq mi
  • Capital: Taipei
  • Largest City: New Taipei City
  • Official Languages: Formosan languages, Hakka, Hokkien, Mandarin, Matsu, Taiwan Sign Language.
  • Religion: 35.1% Buddhism; 33.0% Taoism; 18.7% No religion; 3.9% Christianity; 9.3% Others.
  • (Info: Wikipedia)
A bird’s eye view of a district in Taiwan.

China (3-5% Christian)

  • Population: 1.4 billion (2019)
  • Area: 3,705,407 sq mi
  • Capital: Beijing
  • Largest City: Shanghai
  • Official languages: Standard Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Religion: 73.6% No religion or Folk; 15.8% Buddhism; 5.5% Salvationist sects; 3.6% Christianity; 1.5% Islam.
  • (Info: Wikipedia)
Will you surrender your life and take the gospel to China?

Asia (7-12% Christian)

  • Population: 4,560,667,108 (2018)
  • Area: 17,212,000 sq mi
  • Largest cities: Delhi, Tokyo, Jakarta, Chittagong, Dubai, Baghdad, Kuala, Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Manila, Karachi, Beijing, Guangzhou, Osaka, Dhaka, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Tehran, Doha, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • Language: There are 2,300 living languages across Asia (stat). The top six languages are: Chinese, Hindi, English, Russian, Indonesian, and Arabic.
  • Religion: 25% Hindus; 24 % Muslims; 21 Unaffiliated; 12% Buddhists; 9% Folk Religions; 7% Christian; 1% Other (stat). All religions are practiced in Asia and new ones are still being started. The largest religions are Islam and Hinduism which claim 2.4 billion adherents. Ones that claim somewhere in Asia as their birthplace are as follows: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism. (stats)
  • Countries in Asia (with VBM Missionary): Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, China, India, Japan, Indonesia.
  • Countries in Asia (needs VBM Missionaries): 48 Countries, 3 Dependencies or other territories (according to the United Nations).
  • (Info: Wikipedia)
Interview with Will Hill on his survey trip to Japan.

Countries in Asia

1China1,439,323,776Eastern Asia
2India1,380,004,385Southern Asia
3Indonesia273,523,615South-Eastern Asia
4Pakistan220,892,340Southern Asia
5Bangladesh164,689,383Southern Asia
6Japan126,476,461Eastern Asia
7Philippines109,581,078South-Eastern Asia
8Vietnam97,338,579South-Eastern Asia
9Turkey84,339,067Western Asia
10Iran83,992,949Southern Asia
11Thailand69,799,978South-Eastern Asia
12Myanmar54,409,800South-Eastern Asia
13South Korea51,269,185Eastern Asia
14Iraq40,222,493Western Asia
15Afghanistan38,928,346Southern Asia
16Saudi Arabia34,813,871Western Asia
17Uzbekistan33,469,203Central Asia
18Malaysia32,365,999South-Eastern Asia
19Yemen29,825,964Western Asia
20Nepal29,136,808Southern Asia
21North Korea25,778,816Eastern Asia
22Sri Lanka21,413,249Southern Asia
23Kazakhstan18,776,707Central Asia
24Syria17,500,658Western Asia
25Cambodia16,718,965South-Eastern Asia
26Jordan10,203,134Western Asia
27Azerbaijan10,139,177Western Asia
28United Arab Emirates9,890,402Western Asia
29Tajikistan9,537,645Central Asia
30Israel8,655,535Western Asia
31Laos7,275,560South-Eastern Asia
32Lebanon6,825,445Western Asia
33Kyrgyzstan6,524,195Central Asia
34Turkmenistan6,031,200Central Asia
35Singapore5,850,342South-Eastern Asia
36Oman5,106,626Western Asia
37State of Palestine5,101,414Western Asia
38Kuwait4,270,571Western Asia
39Georgia3,989,167Western Asia
40Mongolia3,278,290Eastern Asia
41Armenia2,963,243Western Asia
42Qatar2,881,053Western Asia
43Bahrain1,701,575Western Asia
44Timor-Leste1,318,445South-Eastern Asia
45Cyprus1,207,359Western Asia
46Bhutan771,608Southern Asia
47Maldives540,544Southern Asia
48Brunei 437,479South-Eastern Asia
Chart from worldometer

Dependencies or Other Territories in Asia

#TerritoryPopulationDependency of
2Hong Kong7,496,981China
Chart from worldometer

Major Languages Spoken in Asia

#LanguageEstimated Number of Speakers in Asia
5Indonesian 240,000,000
11Filipino 90,000,000
Chart from worldatlas