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Photo Journal

I enjoy taking pictures and have journaled part of our amazing journey through pictures. Each picture will give you insight into our everyday lives. As you look through the mosaic of pictures you will see missionary life from the front lines. There are so many blessed and unusual things that we can experience. I hope these pictures can show another dimension of the blessed life that we get to live and help connect us to those who have prayed for our family and ministry.

The pictures are divided by year. You can click the link below to see a mosaic of the pictures. If you click on any one of pictures it will open a carousel to go through the pictures one by one. Enjoy!

✪ Photo Journal 2017 (Including Video Journal 2017!)

✪ Photo Journal 2016 (Including Video Journal 2016!)

✪ Photo Journal 2015 (Including Video Journal 2015!)

✪ Photo Journal 2014

✪ Photo Journal 2013

✪ Photo Journal 2012

✪ Photo Journal 2011