Special Resource

✪ Deputation(ology) – Understanding The Unique Fundraising System Of Independent Baptist Missions.

✪ Mark’s T-Shirt Store – Uniquely designed t-shirts.

Moving To China Helps

✪ Needed Documents Checklist – This page is a checklist of the documents that you need to bring with you when you are planning to move to China long-term.

✪ First 10-Days Checklist – This page is a checklist of what someone can expect to do during their first ten days of setting up if they are moving to China long-term.

✪ New Cultural Understandings – This page helps explain some of the immediate cultural differences that a person moving to China needs to know.

✪ Packing? The China List & The Taiwan List – This is “the list” of items that are available and not available to reference for a full-time missionary getting ready to move to China or Taiwan. Please contact me to request a copy of this resource put together by my wife.

✪ A Digital Survey Of Dalian, China from 2015

Reading Recommendations and Books

✪ My Recommended Readings for China – A list of books that I have enjoyed reading about China and China missions that will be a blessing to you.

✪ Chinese Books In The Mainland – A list of English books that have been translated into Chinese with the Chinese titles.

✪ Books – Ongoing book list and mini book reviews.

Language Resources

✪ Language School Handbook – We have partnered with our home church to help new missionaries learn the language and ministry in China.

✪ Bible Memorization (Chinese, Pinyin, English) – Bible memorization is a great way to learn the Bible and a language.

China Trip Information

China Trip Info Packet – This page has all the information needed to take a short-term or long-term missions trip to China.

Firm Foundations Discipleship Lessons

The Firm Foundations Discipleship Series is a set of lessons that aid the Christian in teaching others the Bible. The first book can be used with believers or unbelievers, teaching them the basics of Christianity and helping an unbeliever understand the gospel. All of the following books are geared towards edifying believers. I pray these will be a blessing to many as they desire to make disciples.

Firm Foundations One (Basics, Life, Identity) – English (Updated 07/2018)
Firm Foundations One (Basics, Life, Identity) – Chinese (Updated 07/2018)

Firm Foundations Two (Doctrine, Morals, Attitudes) – English (Updated 07/2018)
Firm Foundations Two (Doctrine, Morals, Attitudes) – Chinese (Updated 07/2018)

Firm Foundations Three (Marriage, Parenting, Finances) – English (Updated 07/2018)
Firm Foundations Three (Marriage, Parenting, Finances) – Chinese (Updated 07/2018)

Firm Foundations Four (Missions, Discipleship, Persecution) – English (Updated 07/2018)
Firm Foundations Four (Missions, Discipleship, Persecution) – Chinese (Updated 07/2018)

PDFs (10-week Special Edition):
✪ Firm Foundation Lessons – Chinese/English (10-week  Special Edition) (Updated 07/2018)

Books of the Bible Sermon Outlines

✪ Revelation – English (or read it on the blog)
✪ Revelation – Chinese

Galatians – English (or read it on the blog)
Galatians – Chinese

Jonah – English (or read it on the blog)
Jonah – Chinese

✪ Matthew – English (or read it on the blog)
✪ Matthew – Chinese

Chinese Language

Unique Characters and Words in the Chinese Bible (3001 Characters + 8704 Words) – This is a ZIP file with documents containing the different unique Characters that are in the Chinese Bible and the different word groupings.

250 Most Common Characters in the Chinese Bible – Here is a list of the 250 most common characters in the Chinese Bible with other helpful details for each character.

Chinese Tract

We wrote a tract in English and then translated it into Chinese. There might be some minor differences between the English version and the Chinese version, but you can read the English text here. A friend helped us design the graphics for it and this is one of the tracts that our church in China is currently using.

Chinese Tract Outside
✪ Chinese Tract Inside

✪ Traditional Tract Outside
Traditional Tract Inside

Chinese Bible

We put together and printed a special edition of John and Romans using the Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB). This PDF is print-ready.

Chinese John and Romans

Church Worship Music

We put together our own songbook and accompanying book of chords. These PDFs are print-ready.

Worship Book Chords – Chinese (Updated 12/2020)
Worship Book Chords – Pinyin (Updated 12/2020)
Worship Book Chords – Traditional (Updated 12/2020)

Christmas Devotional and e-Tract

Below is a Christmas Devotional Guide (print-ready) and an e-Tract to be used in sending messages on your phone.

Christmas Devotional Guide – English (Updated 12/2020)
Christmas Devotional Guide – Chinese (Updated 12/2020)
Christmas Devotional Guide – Traditional (Updated 12/2020)

Christmas e-Tract – Chinese (Updated 12/2020)
Christmas e-Tract – Traditional (Updated 12/2020)

Note: Most, if not all, the files are designed in the A4 paper size.

Language Legend:
English = American English
Chinese = Simplified Characters
Traditional = Traditional Characters